Railux: Railo ColdFusion Application Server

Railo ColdFusion Appliance, Railux, is an Apache/Tomcat/Railo stack on Ubuntu Linux and Railo 3.2 on Tomcat. Based on the BitNami Apache-Tomcat Appliance, it’s a fully functioning Railo ColdFusion Server that could be used for production or development.

Version information
- Railo 3.2 (CF 9.0 compatible)
- Apache 2.2.16
- Tomcat 6.0.29
- MySQL 5.1.50
- Java 1.6.0_22
- Samba server (latest via apt-get)
- UFW Firewall (latest via apt-get)
- Nano editor (latest via apt-get)

Usernames, passwords, and other information
- For Linux: bitnami:bitnami
- For Tomcat: manager:bitnami
- For Railo: istanbul
- For Samba: coldfusion:istanbul
- For mySQL: coldfusion:istanbul
- Hostname: Railux
- IP Address: DHCP Configured
- Railo Homepage: http://railux
- Tomcat Manager URL: http://railux/manager
- Installation folder: /opt/bitnami

How to get it
Download image (717MB)
- Extract the contents folder to your drive

How to use it
- Double click bitnami-tomcatstack-6.0.32-0-ubuntu-10.10.vmx in the extracted folder to start the appliance (you must have VMWare, get the player free here)
- There is no need to login to the console to use Railo. After start up, you can either go to the IP address displayed on the console window or go tohttp://railux to view the Railo homepage. From there you can access the Railo admin
- The Site Studio website is provided as an example under http://railux/tss
- To upload your website, go to the samba share on \\railux\coldfusion
- You can delete the TSS folder if you like but do not delete anything else
- To make the default page your home page, you must add a Virtual Host to Apacheand create a domain in you hosts file or on your networks DNS server and point it to railux
- The conf file is in /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/httpd.conf
- Restart Apache when done by running the control script by sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache

Future Features
- Add Mura and other CF apps
- Improve management
- Reduce image size
- Add other VM formats


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